VZH, who we are

Virtual Zone Horses is a young company founded in 2004 by Peter de Boer (right) and Jan-Bas de Jonge (left). In the past years a big amount of horses passed at our stables. We concentrate on training at different levels, educating, sales and guidance and competing dressage horses. We also train and guide riders with their own horse.

Peter is responsible for training horses and riders, while Jan-Bas concentrates on taking care of the horses and the accomodation. In the short period of time Virtual Zone Horses excists we have already achieved some fine results! Under references, you can find different examples of this.


Accommodatie, where the magic happens

Our horse accommodation is located in Reusel. It is provided with all the necessities to home all types of horses from young stallions up to Grand Prix horses. Peter has already competed several horses at Small Tour level, young horses competitions and studbook related competitions. Our main activity is sales, mediating and competing of better dressage horses at all levels. Next to that we often have a single very talented young showjumping horse for sale. We also teach lessons and give clinics if this fits into the schedule. 

The accommodation has 23 large boxes and 1 mare and foal box, all separated in two different buildings. The stables where we keep the horses for training and sales, have extra high partitions and fronts. Every box has an anti-weave door grille that is placed higher than normal, suitable for stallions and young horses that come straight from the breeder. Of course we also have several wash boxes, a solarium, horse walker, fields and sand paddocks for during the winter months.