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Mare - 1.68M - 2016 - Smokey Black

Dilvido A Claudio Vives Cersar VI
Carmela V
Ibis III Madrono IX
Decidida IX
S Educada Modoso Ram Educado X
Luna CLXXXI Cantonero III
Delirio XII

This handsome tall "Señorita" is a real asset to many! She is a very easy going mare, gets along with othrer horses, and she is also uncomplicated under saddle! She is trustful and willing to work! She has her own opinion and is a real adolescent, in full developmen,t and who would like to express her opinion in a positive way. For example, doing a not asked lateral movement or go unwanted to canter. Modosa has grown enormously since we got her and she has also developed enormously in terms of movement! She actually knows all lateral work, of course they are not yet confirmed, big and stable as you would like, but also completely normal considering the age! The canter she found difficult at the beginning. To keep the balance and the activity. But that also did improve already enormously ! The collected work such as piaffe passage will be a piece of cake for her, but she is also  easy with hacking out, traffic, and things like that.

Modosa will be coverd by Secret this year, what the original plan was, and thereafter be sold

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Level:M - 2nd Level
Price:15.000 - 25.000 Euro