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Mare - 1.64M - 2016 - Buckskin

Dilvido A Claudio Vives Cesar VI
Carmela V
Ibis III Madrono IX
Decidida IX
Adelfa XLV Hildor IX Airoso XII
Hiladora VIII
Quebranto AP Aviador VII
Leona X

Adelfa is the other half of our Spanish project! Despite a buckskin stallion the goal was it became a mare instead! Despite having the same father as Modosa, Adelfa is a completely different one. Both in terms of type as movement. That makes it interesting too! Adelfa is saddle-broken and has a wonderful character. She clearly passes that on to her offspring! Her first foal was a stallion by Secret who really lived up to all our expectations! The plan to cross a PRE with a warmblood had existed for over 15 years, but this result was really a dream scenario! Buckskin and top movement !!! Her son by Kjento also has the same super nice character, size, and is unbelievably stunning!

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Level:Zadelmak - Broken In