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Lady Dyselly

Mare - 1.71M - 2016 - Bay

Zardando Tango Jazz - Pref
O.Bertje - Keur Pref Pres
Roxcella - Elite Sport LT Gribaldi - Pref
Marcella - Ster PROK Pref Sp LT
Dyselly A - Voorl Keur Wynton Jazz - Pref
Acacia - Prok STB
Selly - STB Pref Pres IBOP Lancet - Keur
Kelly - Keur

Lady Dyselly is certainly no stranger to us. In the past we sold her full sister Ida Selly (Ster voorlopig Keur PROK) to a Belgian team rider and another full sister Jida Selly (Ster Voorlopig Keur PROK) to an American team rider. Jida was very successful in the young horses and already shows an enormous amount of quality for the Grand Prix! Furthermore, the Small Tour horses Bon Jovi, Why Not, Celicia, Forselly, Christa and High Quallety  and Baila come from this direct dam line.

Lady Dyselly was started as 5 years old but developed really well since then. We will train her to the higher levels and breed with her meanwhile.

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Level:M / 2nd level