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Never Ending Story VZH

Mare - 1.74M - 2018 - Dark Bay

Secret Sezuan Zack
Bogegardens Don Romina
Seline St Moritz
Royal Star
Wilona - Elite IBOP Sp Pref Pres San Remo Wolkentanz I
Lona - Pres Pion
Hostess - Ster Sport

Never Ending Story VZH was a surprise since her dam Wilona was inseminated! Normally Wilona is very easy to read, with a colt she becomes dominant towards other horses, with a filly she is very careful with herself and avoids confrontation. You can even know the color normally already! Now she was a dragon the first half, and super relaxed and affectionate at the end. So that was strange. Her 8 previous foals were all born while she was standing and almost always eaingt. Now she had been restless for 3 days and immediately layed down, causing a slight panic! Her fillies were always small. So we had thought of a black stallion because we haven't had one yet, and the pregnancy was so different. Nothing could be further from the truth! A very large dark filly! And a very special one! Besides being stunning, she can also move exceptionally well in all 3 gaits!

Now 3 years later, NES has grown into a big, tall lady with huge front, and a wonderful character! So down to earth and easy, yet enough go. This is where you want to have a barn full off! Because of her size she still has some troubles with her body. That's why we will take it easy with her.

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Level:Gelongeerd / Lunged