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Mare - 1.68M - 2019 - Dark Bay

Joyride Ampere Rousseau
Larivola - Keur Pref
Vidora E.H.- Elite Pref Sport Jazz - Pref
Nivaldora - Sport
A-Inde-S - Elite EPTM PROK Sandro Hit Sandro Song
Hinde Utopia - Elite Pref Pres PROK Wolfgang - Keur
Zorda Utopia - Ster Pref

Ordinde is a very complete horse! With a beautiful head, good exterior. She moves very light footed with an active and of the ground hindleg use. Combined with a front leg with knee action but also a lot of freedom in the shoulder what brings the front legs very elegant forward. She is also a youngster of the famous Utopia dam line. Her dam already produced a 3rd level, a Small Tour and a Medium Tour horse. Her over grand dam is the grand dam of  a 3rd level, a 4th level, and 2 Small Tour level horses and the over grand dam of 3 Small Tour and a Grand Prix preforming horse!

More information

Level:Onbeleerd / Green
Rontgen approved: yes
Price:15.000 - 25.000 Euro

RX and conformation shots on file