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R U Kidding' Me VZH

Stallion - L - 2021 - Black

Secret Sezuan Blue Horse Zack
Don Romina
Seline St Moritz
Royal Star
Famous Girl - Elite D-OC Negro - Pref Ferro - Pref
Fewrie - Keur Pref Pres
Black Lady - Ster Pref Dutch Dromello
Tjerba - Ster Voorlopig Keur

RU Kidding’ Me surprised us with his arrival. Normally you can see a foal coming a few days in advance, but this time there was nothing noticeable at 3am and a few hours later he was here! RU Kidding’ Me is the full brother of Popeye, where a lot of fuss was about, and he clearly looks like his little brother! The movement is there and leaves nothing to the imagination! RU Kidding’ Me is also a real special one  !!!

Dam Famous Girl got the best score at the studbook show with 80/75 and is now Keur D-OC. Her half-sister La Reina v. Glamourdale was invited to the NMK (National Championship Mare show) as well as the daughter of Famous Girl's full sister, La Donna v. George Clooney was invited to the NMK after becoming reserve champion Central Mare show Limburg. The internationally performing Grand Prix horses Dream Of Heidelberg, Del Vento, Hiltop Don Rodrigo, Keliante, and Rapiti also come from this dam line!

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