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Relies VZH

Mare - - 2021 - Black

Negro - Pref Ferro - Pref Ulft - Keur
Brenda - Ster Pref Pres
Fewrie - Keur Pref Pres Variant
Merwie - Keur Pref Pres Sport
Wilona- Elite Pref Pres IBOP Sport PROK San Remo Wolkentanz
Lona - Pres Pion
Hostess - Ster Sport

Our youngest asset! One the surprised is in a good way! We were a bit doubtful when we used Negro for the size and it would turn out too massive and classic but instead it turned out to be a very tall and modern foal with a lovely personality. Possibly a very good follow up of Wilona in the future!