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Rise As Ledgens VZH

Stallion - - 2021 - Black

Everdale Lord Letherdale Lord Loxley
Fairless P
Aliska K - Elite EPTM PROK Negro - Pref
Lisenka - Keur Pref
Ethel - Elite IBOP Sport LT Vivaldi - Pref Krack C
Renate Utopia - Ster Pref Pres
Wilona - Elite Sport Pref Pres IBOP PROK San Remo
Lona - Pres

When we purchased his dam Ethel she was in foal to Everdale. Jochie was born, but it was already decided upon purchase that this foal would be sold. We had 2 foals that we would keep and we didn't want more than 2. So we never really looked closely at Jochie and hopa. Yes… everyone makes mistakes and we found out big time when we saw him at the stallion show at the age of 2.5 years! That is why we decided to repeat it anyway, but it did not happen automatically! Ethel had 2x a red bag delivery, one we had to put down after 6 days, the other immediately after birth. Then we lost embryo pregnancy at 40 days, and embryo at 10 months when the surrogate mare got a stomach bleed. But after a lot of effort and an emotional rollercoaster, we now have 2 full brothers of Jochie who is now named Especial.