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Wilona VZH

Stallion - 1.68M - 2003 - Grey

San Remo Wolkentanz I Weltmeyer
Valente Volturno
Lona - Pres Pion Abgar XX
Irma La Douce
Hostess - Ster Sport Cassis

When we purchased Cilona and start digging into her pedigree, we saw her dam Wilona was for sale. Because we were enthusiastic about Cilona, we also bought Wilona directly. We competed Wilona at Z2 level, making her Elite IBOP Sport. Wilona is a brave and reliable mare, with the go of a thoroughbred, and the heart of a lion!

Cilona, v. Special D, is the first offspring of Wilona and we sold as Keur IBOP to France. Later she would obtain the sport predicate in France. Next came Dollie. A daughter of Welthit II who was competing as a 6yr Z1 level by an rider with a show jumping background! Ethel was her third offspring and also came across our path by dumb luck and we bought high pregnant. Her foal by Everdale was NRPS approved and is one of Van Olst's future horses. He is only 7 years old, competed national and shows all the qualities for Grand Prix! In 8 months, Ethel managed to go from zero to Z2, a successful IBOP (mare saddle test) and PSG level in training! As a 3 year old she was 3rd at the Central Mareshow with the highest points for movement in Brabant (90 trot)! Later we competed Ethel Small Tour. Ethel is Elite IBOP Sport. This made Wilona Elite Preferent Perstatie IBOP Sport by her first 3 youngsters alone!

Wilona also produced 4 foals by Zardando. Infinity was sold to America as a 3 year old. Jababadadoo is now also in America and anticipated the 6-year old competitions. Killerbee became “Ster” after the studbook inspection and shortly after exported to Australia where she constantly takes prizes home from competitions. And also Loud & Proud moved to America as a 3 year old. After this, Never Ending Story was born. A very special foal and still in our possession! A very big, super handsome, and very easy mare. Truly a dream horse! We also have her 2 year younger sister and this year the collection will be expanded with a Negro offspring. Wilona will be covered by Vitalis this year.

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Level:Z2 / 4th Level

Elite IBOP Sport Preferent Prestatie