Tum Tum VZH (Timor)

We sold Tum Tum as 9 years old, national training level, never competed to a Dutch client. His new owner did compete him a few times until she did fall off her young horse and broke her arm. She asked us to train him. So we did and we trained and competed him from ZZZ till Grand Prix. As well at the ZZZ, PSG, Intermediare I, Intermediare II hew know to win with scores around 70%. As 12 years old we sold him to the in Belgian living American born Alexa Fairchild how competed him Young Riders and U25. Together they know to preform! They competed 2 times at the European Championships and entered the WBSF ranking at a 9th place! By now Tum Tum guides again the France Junior rider Lea Bonifay with scores above 70%!

Wallace N.O.P.

Wallace come to us to be sold. Just before Nicole Den Dulk contacted us or we hade a suitable horse for her, or that we could fined it. At the beginning Wally didn't seem to fit. We trained him till he was Small Tour confirmed and slowly he started to change, meanly by hand. We decided to let Nicole come over to meet him and it was a done deal! There first 2 competition were good enough to get into the Dutch A Team and in less than 6 moths they know to get the bronze title during the World Equestrian Games in Normandy! We hop they will do this again in Rio!

Amazing Comeback VZH(Atilinda M)

Rejected for sport and discarded as breeding mare, nobody would want this 6 years old difficult, troubled and even dangerous mare at there barn. Because the new owner was for a long period a client of us and i always see a challenge in a story like this she came to us. With 3 time a short ride i know enough! After many hours playing around, finding out how she was, building trust, we flew as the wind! As 7 years old we gain our starting place at the National Championships Small Tour where we became 8th during the finals with only very strong competitors! Together we made our debut at the International competitions, we competed 3 times with a result of 2 3rd places, 3 2nd places and a victory during CDI Kapellen Freestyle!!! Our last competition was at Jumping Amsterdam where nearly the complete Dutch team members did compete and we were one of the few that didn't belong to the team. Never the less in the PSG we became 3rd and in the freestyle we were 2nd with a score of more than 75%!!! The story ended with a nife in our back by the owner how we sold many horses for and were day and night there for them. A very bitter and hard life lesson!

Dabanos VZH (Dabanos D'O4)

Dabe came as 6 years old to us as his owner was pregnant. The sentence that we would never forget, i don't know or I'll ever pick him up again as he is such a annoying horse! For us he would never have to leave! At the time he wasn't handsome, but the talent and attitude were so outstanding!! At the beginning very nervous in the competition form insecurity but we could take that away the first competition. After 6 competitions he was standing at the top for the Dutch Championships and was also allowed to compete the ZZZ. As by this time the owner really wanted him back we had to choose. We did compete him ZZZ and our debut resulted in 2 victory's and a score of nearly 70%. Only 2 weeks later the owner competed him successful PGS. Whit in a year he competed scores of more than 70% at the Grand Prix and became 4th during the Belgian Championships. By now he is competed by Jeanette Haazen how already has her fist kader score with him. Dabe is one of the special ones for us and that will never change!

Lucky Strike

Luuk was owned by a friend of us how told she was working to finish the sales and as curious as we are we asked for a video. My feeling told me we could do it better and asked her to pull out and bring him to us. In every way a success! We competed him as 6 years old a few times at Z2 level and made him almost Small Tour ready. Even we made the price way higher there was so many requests for him that we had 3 weeks full of appointments for him and the current owner did decide to buy him by phone trusting us completely! Until today she didn't regret that and competed him with almost 70% Intermediare II !


Jazzbeat was sold as 3 years old straight out of the field to Canada. A year later he became world news and only living horse with a 100% score at his name and on top of this, during a international FEI competition! A Unicom!!!

Bonavonturo Van De Kempenhoeve

We did train this SBS Approved stallion only for a short time and competed him only ones. With a result of over 84% during the SBS Trofee and best preforming SBS'er of the 3,4,5 and 6 years old!

Temptation VZH (Troublemaker)

Even we did change his birth name the day he arrived, he did honor his birth name very well! As well by his looks as by his temper a lot of people know him! We competed him at 22 competitions from Z2 till ZZZ level and won 15 times! Sold to Denmark.

Floris Van De Helle

With his almost 1.90m tall you could not miss him!! As 4 years old we competed Floris and became reserve champion during de Beker van België. As 5 years old he did go back to his owner to come back as 6 years old, nearly PSG ready and to be sold by us. His new owner asked Patrick van der Meer to ride him and he competed him Small Tour over 76% and Grand Prix ready!

Unexpected VZH

This is where the misery started! Before i didn't compete for many reasons that still make my irritable when i go to a competition, but she was simply to good and to fun to keep at home! In 1 year we competed from the 1st class up to Z1 and gain 13 victory's and 11 2nd places! Also Unexpected is a horse how will always remain special to us and will never leave our thoughts.

Tideman AES

This AES approved stallion was sold to a renown client of us. We know this was a match so we pushed as hard as we could to get this deal done and know one every regret that for a minute!!! He is competed successful Small Tour and is the families favorite!

Will Be Lucky

Willy is one of the horses how stayed with us the longest! 6 Years! He came with us as 4 years old and we sold him as 5 years old. Only a few weeks he was gone until he came back including with owner and all! A horses of how most did say as young horse he is not good enough, but we always believed in him and he also proved it! As well Grand Prix Dressage as Jumping is not a problem for him!

Don Diago

A French client how bought a other horses 6 moths earlyer of us asked us or we could sell him. We did start training him first, comepeted him 3 times at Small Tour Level (68%) and then sold him to Spain where he competes now succesful Young Riders

Ce Coir

Ce Coir sold to Czech Republic, National Champion Juniors!


Bonie was competed International Small Tour by his owner with scores over 70%. We sold him to Italy where he became under Alice Redaelie National Champion Young Riders, scores of 67% in the Intermediare II and starting now the U25 class!!!


Sold to Cabo Verde

Kripton P.R.E.

Sold to Belgium

In Time VZH

Sold to Russia (v.Zardando)


When Capo came with us he was competed at National ZZL Level and even it all didn't go as planed, in the end it all worked out just as it should be! First Peter did break his back what did give a delay, after Capo got fungus and mold at his skin and feet what we could not get ride of. But meanwhile he was trained so far we could successful compete him PSG what also had the effect on the price. We sold him to the USA were he is now as well successful competed at PSG level!


Eddy was just broken in and still not in the best condition when we sold him. But he did show his quality and super mentality! A lot of go, but very gentle and trustful. He did develop himself with his new owner is Sweden unbelievable well! They got selected for the Fasterbo Cup as well for the national championships for 6 years old dressage horses!

Undercover VZH (Unique)

As 6 years old we competed him a few times at Z2 level and became 2nd during the KWPN Dressage Horses Gala. Now succesfull Grand Prix in France!


We sold Floyd to Poland where he is now working to bring the 3rd rider trough the junior and young riders!


Olympic, A great schoolmaster how did have a very good technical education. We used him by opportunity to compete him ones ZZZ and ones PSG. We sold him and with his new owner he did compete again international Small Tour. After she sold him he learned the next owner to become a PSG rider!

Norbertijn AES

Sold to Italy where he competed 69% Grand Prix!


Sold to USA (v. Zardando)


Sold to Finland

Idelga ( In Good Faith VZH)

Sold to Canada

Golden Jazz

Sold to Germany


Sold to China

Game Boy

Sold to France


Sold to France (Grand Prix)

San Dior

Sold to Denmark


Sold to France

Succesful Grand Prix!

Sereng Tika

Sold to Taiwan

Tropical Storm

Sold to japan


Sold to France

Succesful Small Tour


Sold to France


Sold to Belgium


Sold to Belgium


Sold to Nicaragua

Frido Dido

Sold to Mexico


Sold to Australia (v. Zardando)

Dee Day

Sold to Holland


Sold to Libya

Hugo Boss

Sold to USA


Sold to Holland (v. Zardando)

Its a Dream

Sold to USA