TRAINING & BEMIDDELING, a successful story

The training of horses can be very diverse. For one horse putting on a halter can already be quite a challenge, while another one needs to learn how to piaffe. When we started our business you could come to us with virtually any demand for training, breaking in, behavior correction and so on. Because we have grown and evolved a lot through the years, and because our goals have changed, we don’t offer all kinds of training anymore. We still offer the very basic first training a green horse has to go through: like walking on a lead, brushing and grooming, and so on. Then we leap forward to the training of well broken in and well ridden horses. This means that you should just easily be able to get on the horse to train and ride a decent novice level test with the horse. From this level up we train horses up to Grand Prix level. It’s not important if a horse is very easy going and calm or rather hot sensitive and a bit scared. The only thing those horses should have is the willingness to work!
We can train your horse for you if there is a problem you can’t solve yourself. Or we can train your horse in case there is doubt about a riding technical or medical problem. But of course you can also contact us for training, educating and competing your talented horse. A training schedule looks different for every horse. We believe a horse is not born to be standing in a box all day. Therefore our horses leave their boxes several times a day to go in the field, in the walker, for lunging, for dressage training or for hacking in the forest. A price indication is given at the bottom of this page.

Selling a horse is not an easy job. Some horse owners get too emotional when it comes to selling their horse. For others selling a horse is far too time consuming. And for most of the owners this is just a business that is not in their league. Most of the times horses are presented too poorly or in the wrong way, which jeopardizes their chances to quickly change owners. Or the wrong potential new owners get attracted. There are many reasons why sales can go bad or slow. Therefore Virtual Zone Horses can mediate when you would like to sell your horse in confidence.

How does it work?

First of all we will ask you all possible information about the horse: health, character, achievements and the expected sales price. You can send us a mail with all this information so we have a first impression about what kind of horse you are willing to sell. If we think your horse is suitable for sales, it will first stay at our stable for a week. During this week we can evaluate and judge your horse on its potential, character, accomplishments and value. We will evaluate this with you being the owner. If we both agree on the plan, the horse will be sold from our stable. Thanks to this we can also give a better guarantee and more information to the future owner of the horse. You as a seller are being prevented from unpleasant surprises after the sale.

Of course there is nothing for free, so there are costs involved. Because it is not very smart to left the horse two weeks untrained and suddenly there is a potential buyer. Thats why your horse will be trained by us and we will give it the final touch. Your horse will be in shape at any time. The costs for the test week are 150 Euro. All other costs you can find at the bottum of this page. Because off our experiance, presentation and customer contacts all over the world, these costs will be quickly earned back

To you as an owner we have only one demand; and that is honesty ! For your horse we have a little more demands : Correctly dewormed and vaccinations , horse should be willing to work and not mean when ridden, and it should be the right price-quality proportion. We have clients for young, green horses up till Grand Prix.

What can we guarantee?

Just only two things: That we will take care of your horse as good as possible and the sales as fast as possible . We dont like promises we can’t keep ! Most of the horses we have sold within the first month. The salesperiode will be not longer than three months. It has to happen within these three months because after this period it will be a long story and probably it will not be sold in 6 months or a year.