Royal-T VZH

Stallion - 1.66M - 2021 - Dark Bay

Kjento Negro - Pref Ferro - Pref
Fewrie - Keur Pref Pres
Zoriana - Elite Pref Pres IBOP PROK Jazz - Pref
Poriana - keur Pref Pres Sport
Adelfa Dilvido A Claudio Vives
Ibis III
Adelfa XLV Hilador IX
Quebranto AP

Royal-T is a very successful cross breed in our opinion! As a foal he was already gorgeous and could move phenomenally! (see our YouTube channel, Adelfa, he is in there) And he definitely hasn't forgotten that yet! A good, clean and spacious walk, a trot with a very strong and active hind leg, knee, shoulder freedom, bounce, suppleness, everything you could wish for! A canter with power, off the ground, uphill… That too leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. In addition, he also has a very sweet and easy personality and he is completely healthy!

At the stable he is very relaxed and like him mom he loves to nap! Put some hay near him, breakfast on bed, some kisses on his nose and some scratches on his neck and your instantly promoted to new best friend!

Royal-T has only been 5 times under saddle! He has a good go but as well a good brain and character. On the video it was the second time true the complete arena for him. Before we did him loos but then he must stay on one side. So far from ideal! But as we had weeks of terrible weather and finally now we had sun what we really need to be able to make photos and video. We didn’t want to let the opportunity unused. Anyway, we were very happy overall how he did! But this also means he will be steady and slowly continue to be educated where "can i try him" does not fit in the program for now.

His father is KWPN and World Championship young dressage horse champion Kjento, who is dripping with Grand Prix talent. In addition to Royal-T, dam Adelfa produced 3 more offspring, all characterized by very good movement and super nice characters!

More info

Level: Lunged
X-ray checked: Yes

RX (legs, neck and back) and conformation pics on file

Royal-T is familiar with cleaning, hosing, leg protection (front), lunging and paddock

Royal-T is starting under saddle at the moment.