Gelding - 1.65M - 2021 - Black

Jameson RS2 Blue Horse Zack Rousseau - Pref
Orona - Ster Pref Pres
Atilinda M Elite Pref Pres SP Negro - Pref
Tilinda M - Ster PROK
Lamorine B Giovanni Chippendale
Zarava - Elite Pref Pres SP
Zamorine Z - Ster Riverman
Amorine - Keur Pref Pres

This son of Jameson RS2 is a rough diamond! With a very good walk, a trot with bounce and suppleness and a very good canter, he has 3 above average gaits. The walk doesn’t do him justice on this video, but we have additional video of the walk. Rocco is a very nice guy! He is very calm in the stall but nevertheless always ready to go out or to work! Then he has a lot of energy and go. But at the right way! Not nervous or spooky or so, just a very pleasant happy energy! 

More info

Level: Lunged
X-ray checked: Yes

RX (legs, neck and back) and conformation pics on file

Runner is familiar with cleaning, hosing, leg protection (front), lunging, walker and paddock.