Stallion - 1.66M - 2021 - Black

Jameson RS2 Blue Horse Zack Rousseau - Pref
Orona - Ster Pref Pres
Atilinda M Elite Pref Pres SP Negro - Pref
Tilinda M Ster PROK
Miss Franklin Franklin Ampere
Warkle M - Ster PROK
Vurosa - Pres Karandasj - Keur
Curosa - Keur Pref

Runner is a very interesting one! He is still super youthful, he is not small but still very small in body. So he will still have a lot development to do. But he reminds us a lot of Tum Tum. Tum Tum we brought out GP and later anticipated at 3 European Championships. Like Tum Tum, Runner is a sensitive horse, always cheerful and always ready for work! Very uphill build, a lovely shaped uphill front, and in motion it really is a machine! Not so much that his front legs fly by his nose, but every step is spot on, handy, quick reactions, always in tact, always in balance, always a closed frame, always on the hind leg! A horse that we are sure off will become a piaffe and passage monster! With a good walk and a canter where the hind leg always comes very far under, this is really a diamond in the rough and has a very big future ahead of it!

Father Janeson RS2 was made with us (embryo). He was approved with the highest points ever by the KWPN and has been able to make a crushing impression ever since with his quality. From dam's side we see Franklin who managed to stand out again and again from the age of 3. First by becoming convinced KWPN champion, then during the World Championship for young dressage horses, then with his first foals, and in the meantime he has preformed International GP himself and his first youngsters are starting to appear on the International GP stage as well. Behind that is Karandash who has always seen a special place for us. One of the most impressive horses we ever had in our stable was a son of Karandasch!

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Level: Lunged
Clinically tested: Yes
X-ray checked: Yes

RX (legs, neck and back) and conformation pics on file

Runner is familiar with cleaning, hosing, leg protection (front), lunging, walker and paddock.