No Secret De La Fazenda

Sold to USA team rider Adrienne Lyle

Sercet X Johnson X Ampere

Nephew of Valverde NRW

Jochie VZH / Especial

Sold to Van Olst Horses NL

NRPS Approved, Intermediaire II debuut +70%

under Lottie Fry, British team rider

Tum Tum VZH (Timor)

Grand Prix competed by Peter de Boer

Sold to Belgian team rider Alexia Fairschild

2x Europian Championschips Young Riders and U25


INternational Small Tour +70%

Sold to Alice Redaelli, Italy

Italy Champion Young Riders, Inter II + U25 competed


Sold To Canada

The only living horse with a 100% score  during an

international FEI competition!

Don Diago

Lichte Tour with Peter de Boer

Sold to Spain

Succesful Juniors, Young Riders and U25

Wallace N.O.P.

Sold to Dutch para team rider Nicole Den Dulk

2 individual bronze medals WEG Normandy

2 individual bronze medals World Championship Tyron


Sold to Poland

By 3 different riders very succesfull competed at Junior

and Young Riders level

Peter's Pancake (Grand Gribaldi)

Sold to The Netherlands

Grand Prix under Thalia Roxcks,

Dutch team rider

In Time VZH

Sold to Russia

Grand Prix ready

Ce Coir

Sold to Czech Republic

National Champion Juniors, Small Tour

I'll Be Back VZH

Sold to Slovenia

Small Tour with Peter de Boer


Sold to Australia

NRPS Approved

Jida Selly A

Sold to USA team rider Cesar Para

Succesful young horses, Grand Prix ready

Nicardo (Den Hout)

Sold to Van Olst Horses NL

NRPS Approved

Dabanos VZH (Dabanos D'O4)

Nationaal and Grand Prix competed by Peter de Boer

With owner Ona Dewagenare Belgian Team

With Jeannette Haazen Dutch B-Kader

With Alexia Fairchild Belgian Team


Small Tour under Peter de Boer

Dam of NRPS approved and Inter II stallion Especial

Sold to The Netherlands

Amazing Comeback VZH (Atilinda M)

International Smaal Tour competed by Peter de Boer

As 7 years old, 9th place finals Dutch Champoinships

Winner CDI Capelle, CDI Jumping Amsterdam +75%

Dam to KWPN approved stallion Jameson RS2

Temptation VZH (Troublemaker)

4th level under Peter de Boer

Sold to Denmark

Norbertijn AES

Sold to Italy

Succesfull Grand Prix 69% competed.

Milo B

Sold to USA

Oldenburg Approved


Sold to USA

Succesfull Yung horses and Small Tour

Kripton P.R.E.

Sold to Belgium

Succesful Grand Prix


Sold to France

Succesful Grand Prix

No Diggity VZH

Sold to Spain

Duke Of Wellington

Sold to Germany

Succesful Grand Prix

Lucky Strike

Sold to USA

Succesful Intermediaire II 70%

Grand PB

Sold to Maxime Collard, France team rider

San Diego

Sold to Agustina Bravo, team rider Uruguay

No Mercy

Sold to Frédéric Demoulin Ecurie, team rider Belgium

Expreszo VZH

Succesful Small Tour 70% with Peter de Boer

Sold to Dutch team rider Johan Roxcks


Sold to Belgium

Succesful Grand Prix

Noura Negra

Sold to Austria


Sold to Belgium

Winner National 6 years old, Small Tour


Sold to Canada

KWPN Approved


Sold to Nick van Laer, team rider Belgium

Succesfull young horses


Sold to The Netherlands, Bastiaan de Recht

Killerbee VZH & Kira

Solt to Australia

Ida Selly A

Sold to Alexia Fairchild, team rider Belgium

Idelga ( In Good Faith VZH)

Sold to Canada


Sold to Germany


Sold to Poland


Sold to Finland


Sold to Sweden


Sold to Cabo Verde


Sold to Libya

Frido Dido

Sold to Mexico


Sold to Nicaragua

Tropical Storm

Sold to Japan


Sold to China

Sereng Tika

Sold to Taiwan